My Pedigrees (now known as Your Pedigrees) is back ...
Date: Wednesday, January 23 @ 23:39:37 UTC
Topic: About the website

Ok, I spent the last few days cranking on the very demanded My Pedigrees tool which a lot of people seemed to miss. I have written the tool, from scratch, and integrated it into the pedigree module. It'll work as if Regular Pedigrees but in "Your Pedigrees" mode. Option to close "Your Pedigrees" list at any time, the page you are in Your Pedigrees is remembered and propagated while in Your Pedigrees mode. And this time a well written tool to surf between all your peds, with a nice "Go to page:" tool that I believe will come in very handy for those of us that have thousands of peds under our control. I have over 40,000 which makes up for 845 pages of 50 dog sections so the ability to go straight into say page 100 from page 1 I think is very cool. Having said that I still like better to just punch whatever dog I want to edit straight into the "Quick Search" form at the top of every page of the website. Good luck and enjoy.
PS> You can find "Your Pedigrees" right next to the "Pedigrees" link at the top of the website.

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