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Date: Saturday, January 19 @ 03:21:20 UTC
Topic: About the website

Online pedigrees is a web based pedigree application. We have a database containing over 250,000 pedigrees entered by users, and growing!. Over 40,000 of those pedigrees have a picture as well. Access to these pedigrees is available through the website.

The website provides a search tool to find dog pedigrees. Each dog name is a link to that dog's 4 generation pedigree, which can include a picture also. Here's a sample, Garner's Chinaman's pedigree as displayed by the website. The website can also display offspring listings, siblings listings and a nice tool that displays the genetic contribution of each dog's ancestor in the first 4 generations. This allows you to surf thousands of pedigrees by just clicking on the names of the dogs.

As a user you can add more pedigrees to the database; tools and step by step instructions are always provided to make data entry simple and painless. You will have control over the pedigrees you enter, which means that nobody (except the administrators in exceptional cases) can change the data you enter. You can optionally make the pedigrees you enter editable by everyone or specific users, according to your criteria. This ensures that nobody will disrupt the work you have done. Note that as a user you are also resposible for what you post. If you are found to enter false pedigrees, or abuse the system, your account will be terminated.

Your username and the usernames of those who edit your pedigrees are tied to the record and will be displayed on the pedigree so other users will know which user entered the pedigree and which users have made changes to it since it was created. This is done because it discourages those who want to post false pedigrees from doing it, which in turn helps keep accurate pedigrees and information.

You will be able to contact other users in case you have questions. Communication also enables you to meet other users, create groups and join efforts in do*****enting and researching bloodlines in which you share an interest. Communication is carried through the website's own messaging system, which will allow you to send and receive messages to other users. Although your username will be widely accessible to other users, your personal information will be protected and won't be given out to anyone. We want to respect your identity and you can decide who knows who you are.

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